Soil Analysis

The Macedonian Vineyards are part of a network of farmers’ groups and cooperatives cultivating table grapes in Northern Greece and supported with training and consultancy by the American Farm School under the project “A New Agriculture for a New Generation”, solely funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and coordinated by the University of Rutgers.

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Macedonian Vineyards, An.Romylias 61 Kilkis

Soil and fertilization management

Our groups has adopted soil handling and crop fertilization procedures so as to better manage resources and achieve the best feasible result at the lowest cost, both in terms of economic and environmental aspects.

The tools we implement include soil and leaves analyses, continuous monitoring of pH and electrical conductivity (EC) as well as verification of plant health and nutritional status with modern instruments based on optoelectronics (NDVI meters, chlorophyll meters), etc. conducted on site and/or from satellites. Based on the measurements that result from all of the above, we assess the needs and decide the fertilisation strategies of our vines that can be differentiated both in time and space.

The result is that we are in a position to have a good view of the nutritional situation, to know the needs and to act on the basis of them, and ensure the unobstructed production of satisfactory grapes yields of exceptional quality.

Chilling requirements and dormancy evolution in grapevine buds of Macedonian Vineyards

 As grape canes mature, their buds enter a type of dormancy in which their growth is suppressed despite otherwise favorable conditions. Repeated exposure to cold temperatures dissipates this form of dormancy and once the chilling hour requirement is satisfied, it is only low temperatures which prevent bud burst. Generally we can state that adequate number of cold hours must be accumulated so that productivity and fruit quality is assured.

Assessment of the locations by using the meteorological data that are collected by the meteorological station installed on site has produced the following results for this season:

  • Chilling status
Chilling status Chilling status
h<7 h>20 CS
Cherso 1620 36 = 45,00
Terpylos 1737 35 = 49,63


  • Chill units accumulation
Location Chill units accumulation
< 7,2 oC 0 < t < 7,2 oC
Cherso 1662 1344
Terpylos 1781 1219


7Forecast Upload Date : 08/07/2019




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